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DS Living

Reve Siam Hybrid Gel Flex Mattress

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You can almost feel the response of the mattress adapting to your contour as you twist and turn in bed. Siam incorporates a Reflex Foam base along with a GelFlex top which gives it a sleeping layer that provides a latex-gel feel, a sensational level of comfort and rebound. The mattress is cool with softer feel.

Lets break the Siam down…..

  50mm Gel Flex | 200mm Reflex Base

Total Depth: 250mm | 10″


Why choose the Siam?


Improved Comfort & Relief

The Two layers of foam give you extra support and reduces pressure points.


Comfortably Cool

The Reve Siam is  heat sensitive mattress with a cool feel benefiting from Gel-Flex which helps to provide a better sleeping experience especially in the summer.



The structure of Gel Flex means it is naturally resistant to dust mites. This helps maintain a fresh and healthy sleep environment.


No Motion Transfer

Disturbed sleep every time your partner tosses and turns? no more with our no motion transfer mattress. Reve’s latest generation foam isolates movement.


Made to British Standards

More importantly, all the materials that go into this mattress, as well as, the mattress its self is manufactured HERE in the UK!


Certi-Pur Certified

Foam in Reve mattresses is CertiPUR certified. That means free of heavy metals and dyes harmful to you and the environment. CertiPUR is best practice in the mattress industry.



Tell me more about the technology used…….


Reflex Foam

Similar to memory foam but constructed differently. Reflex foam is made of bubbles that are displaced sideways when pressure is applied and return to their original position when pressure is relieved. This construction allows it to alter its shape to fit the body but provides firmer support than that of memory foam. Reflex foam is used as a base to the mattress as it is one of the best support layers used in memory foam mattresses.


Gel flex

A gel foam that has similar properties to memory foam, but importantly has many advantages over regular memory foam. Whereas memory foam requires a lot of heat in order to mould to your body Gel flex requires less heat, this allows it to relieve pressure to the body while remaining cooler. As Gel flex requires less heat to mould to your body this also allows it to return to its normal shape quicker, leaving no indentations and prevents you getting stuck in one position because of memory foam mattresses slow rebound properties.


This Siam mattress is part of a carefully selected range from the experts at DS Living. It forms part of our premium range, ensuring we have a mattress that caters for every single one of our customer needs. Whether you’re looking for 1, 10, or 100 mattresses, get in touch and we’ll work to find a solution that works.


Please Note: That the colour and stitching of the removable cover may slightly differ from the images.



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