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Premium Gender Reveal Balloon Baby Girl Pink Or Boy Blue Confetti 18" 36" NEW PARTY PACK NOW AVAILABLE

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Fantastic high quality latex gender reveal balloons that come in two sizes for your perfect Gender Reveal party. For your party, the balloon will be popped to reveal a vibrant burst of either baby boy blue or baby girl pink confetti. Invite new and exciting traditions to add that bit of an extra special touch to your all important moment. 
(Recommended to be used with Helium)
We've all blown up balloons which accidentally go one blow too far, and then they pop in our face, right?
Whilst our balloons go through rigorous testing at the factory level, as with all balloons, there is a small chance they can pop in advance of the main event. For this reason, we'd highly recommend you purchase two balloons just to be 100% sure your event goes as planned. We've never once yet had a complaint of our balloons popping prematurely but we'd always suggest being ultra prepared for one off occasions like this. 
We hope your big day goes amazing and congratulations on this happy occasion!
Your DS.Living Team

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