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DS Living

DS Living Electric LED Light Up Oil Aroma Purifier Air Swan Diffuser

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DS Living Swan Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Electric Oil Diffuser's are a growing trend across the globe, and rightly so. Often used during calming therapies such as yoga, massage parlous and even now modern offices, Oil Diffusers are now making their way in to homes as a great tool to help us relax after a busy day. 

With these simple products being incredibly easy to use, our DS Living Swan Diffuser will make an incredible difference to your day. Just a couple of drops of your favourite oil plus 200ml of water will have your machine purring away for up to  before it automatically shuts off. Choose one of 7 colours to add a sprinkle of light to your room, or let it glide from one colour to the next to add a different style of ambiance. 

After the auto shut-off, if you still want to use your DS Living Swan Diffuser as a night light, then you can leave just the light itself on!

7 LED Lights
Dim and Bright options on lights
7 Colour Cycle
Mist Volume: 15ml Low, 30ml High
Wattage: 12w
Capacity: 200ml

Timer for Mist Options
- Continuous 
- Pulse (20 seconds on 20 seconds off)
- On 1 hour
- On 2 hours
- On 3 hours

8.5cm wide x 12.6cm tall
Weight: 0.47kg

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