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Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Buds - Both the bamboo and cotton our our products are biodegradable. Bamboo is a rapidly growing resource and sustainable solution to every day plastic cotton swabs. Bamboo cotton buds are great for helping to protect our environment and prevent plastic pollution in our oceans. 

Quality Cotton Buds - Our bamboo ear buds are sample tested throughout the producttion process, to ensure that we provide best in class transparent products to you. They are odour and chemical free, ensuring you can rest easy knowing you're using earth friendly products. The new and high quality cotton is tipped with a  strong bamboo handle to help you get the most out of your cotton buds.

Versatile Uses - With the cotton buds measuring 7.25cm in length and carrying a dual cotton head, these can be used to gently clean and dry in between fingers, toes, around the eyes, nose and of course, ears. These are also great for applying or removing make-up, not to mention good for pet and household cleaning, car detailing and arts and crafts. 
Packaging - We use as little packaging as possible in our packaging, only using a plastic bag to ensure the cotton buds themselves are kept safe and secure till they reach you. Our current plastic content weighs just 1g/100 cotton buds.  
Whilst you're here, please also check out our drinking straws which we have in both Stainless Steel and Bamboo materials which you can find by clicking on our store name, or down below. 

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