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16 Colour Rechargeable Moon Lamp with Remote Control

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Rechargeable Moon Lamp Night Light Kids Dimmable LED Color Change 3D Dimmable

8cm | 13cm | 15cm

16 Colours | Rechargeable | Dimmable

Remote Controlled | Touch Controlled

The Moonie moon lamp is the perfect gift for any occasion, with a variety of features.

 It comes in three different sizes 8cm, 13cm and 15cm and has a textured moon effect finish, making it a beautiful decorative piece.

With 16 colours to choose from to create your desired atmosphere, from playful to romantic – the Moonie moon lamps can help you achieve the perfect ambient lighting.

Our moon lamp features a remote control with several features such as choosing your preferred dimness, a choice of shades in colours, and four different types of lighting:

- Flash

- Strobe

- Fade

- Smooth

Whether the lamp is used as a night light for a child, for a party, or simply as decorative lighting in your home, the Moonie moon lamp can cater to all of your lighting needs.

The lamp also has touch controls, so you can change the colour of your lamp with a simple touch and also comes with a USB charger.

Along with the lamp, you will receive an abstract wooden stand for the moon lamp to sit on, making it ideal for placing in any area of your home.

The Moonie moon lamp is made from FDA approved PLA and is Eco friendly, non-toxic and highly durable.


  • Lamp wattage: 0.1w-1.5w
  • Surface accuracy; 12.5um
  • Life time: 6H-12H
  • Product material: edible grade degradable PLA
  • Product colour: ivory white
  • Charging time; 2-3 hours
  • Light source: LED
  • Product power: 1W
  • Rated voltage: 110v-220v

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